Why is Lifetones Gout, Arthritis Uric Acid Support one of the worlds best natural treatments?

Understanding Uric Acid

To understand why Lifetones Gout, Arthritis Uric Acid support is so successful, we first need to understand how Uric acid works and affects the body.

In an interview Vincent Tones the creator of Lifetones, Gout, Arthritis Uric Acid Support outlines how first one builds up Uric Acid in the system that leads to Gout, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, inflamed joints etc and why Lifetones is so successful in bringing relief to those who live with the various conditions.

So what is Uric Acid?

Uric acid is the big problem child for many people around the world and it's mainly due to our diets our lifestyle, stress, medications and predominantly man-made foods. So simplex carbohydrates, fizzy drinks and so forth they all convert to a high acidity type environment in the blood. It starts in the blood and then works its way to the extremities and joints.

Uric Acid is the one that causes crystals in the joints, it causes pain, arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia and so forth. So uric acid is probably the cause of almost every ailment or, amplifies the ailment or makes it worse.

As an example, one glass of a fizzy drink literally translates to Uric Acid in the joints, in the blood and it takes about 36 glasses of water to actually flush one glass of fizzy drink out of the system completely.

These Uric Acid particles build up and start forming little crystals in and between the joints which start cutting away at the cartilage, creating joint damage. Once that happens you will start to feel pain and discomfort.

Lifetones Gout, Arthritis, Uric Acid This is why Lifetones Gout, Arthritis Uric Acid Support is so successful?

When you take Lifetones Gout, Arthritis, Uric Acid Support you start to actually melt the uric acid crystals down that have built up in the body, causing pain and inflammation.

What this means is that as you take Lifetones, it melts the Uric Acid crystals down, and your body begins to flush it out through the kidney and bladder and then out of your system.

Which means your body can start self-healing and self-repairing bringing relief.